Air Compressor Machine Business

Air Compressor Machine Business

Details about the business :

Air compressors have a multitude of uses for leisure and maintenance at home or in businesses to get work done efficiently and safely. The pressure that comes from compressed air has so many uses that we’re sure to leave out a few applications, but we have compiled a lengthy list that will widen your knowledge about the various ways that air compressors are used in a multitude of environments.

Different applications call for different types of air compressors and while there are many types of compressors in size and power supply, you will find two main designs for the majority of air compressors: reciprocating piston air compressors and rotary screw air compressors.

In these two designs you’ll find several models offering a selection ranging from the low pressure air in a small storage tank sufficient to pump up your bike or car tires to the ultimate power of pressurized air that will supply a heavy manufacturing facility with constant and reliable air for plant operations.

Demand and Market:

Air Compressor Machine is used to paint refrigerator, cars, almirah etc.

How to paint with Air Compressor Machine:

At first you have to buy colour from market and pour it in spray-gun. The spray-gun is linked to Air Compressor Machine with a pipe. Then you may paint whatever you want to colour with spray-gun machine. According to the difference of work capability it needs ½ to 5 hp motor and 220 to 440 volts to operate the machine.

Price of the Air Compressor Machine:

The price of the Spray-Gun machine is approximately RRs. 400 to Rs.1250.

The price of the Air Compressor Machine with 1 hp motor is approximately Rs.10, 000.

Profit / money they can make:

In this Bussiness depend upon the customer and marketing But in this business also u earn 20k-50k per month .

Where to buy Air Compressor Machine:

Bharat Machine Tools Industries,

61, Ganesh Chandra Avenue,


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