Collar and Cuff Pressing Bussiness

Collar and Cuff Pressing Bussiness

Details about the business :

With simple and reliable design, the pressure of the machine can be adjusted and which is equipped with a programmable computer system to set the pressing time, suction time, etc. to meet the requirement of different kinds of fabrics.

The buck shape is with the smooth and durable surface, the shape is specially designed for collar and cuff pressing of shirt.

Demand and Market :

With Collar and Cuff Pressing Machine you can press Collars and Cuffs which are needed while sewing Shirts and Tops.

Then you may supply order or sell it in local Tailor shops. The demand of Collar and Cuffs is found all throughout the year. In India, the demand increases at the time of great festivals like Durga puja and Eid.

Capital Required for starting Bussiness :

The price of the Collar and Cuff Pressing Machine is approximately Rs. 40 thousand to 1 lakh.

Profit / money they can make:

In  this Bussiness also u can make a lots of profit Approximately 50 thousand per month .

How to start:

First u have to buy a machine from the market . It is available in cheap price in the market of Rabindra Sarobar in Kolkata. The cut the Collar guard in indicated shape and size you want. Now cut the piece of cloth in same shape and size. Then put Collar guard and cloth in the indicated place of the machine. Now start the Collar and Cuff Pressing Machine.

It needs 220 to 440 volts to operate the machine.

Where to buy the machine:

Bharat Machine Tools Industries,

61, Ganesh Chandra Avenue,


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