Colourful Hair Band Making Machine

Colourful Hair Band Making Machine

Hair band making is a lucrative business idea with very simple manufacturing process along with good market potentiality and easy way to earn a good profit.

Demand and Market of Hair Bands:

The demand of Hair Bands is found all throughout the year. You can start a home based small business with this Hair Band Making Machine. You can make it at home and supply orders in local market.

How to make Hair Bands with Hair Band Making Machine:

At first you have to buy colourful nylon thread from market. You can buy it from the market of Barobazar in Kolkata. Then put the nylon thread on the indicated place of the bobbin of the machine. Then start the machine and the band will be made automatically. Now you have to cut the band in indicated size as you want. Then join the band and your Hair Band is ready.

The machine can make upto 10 kg nylon thread band per hour.

It needs ½ hp motor and 220 volts to operate the machine.

Price of the Hair Band Making Machine:

The price of the Hair Band Making Machine including motor is approximately Rs.60,000.

How to start Bussiness :

Thus a research helps to know all the aspects of the business and assist in making necessary planning’s about how to operate the same in a profitable way. Below is the few important aspect of the business which you need to find out in your research: –

  •  Market Potentiality of the business idea.
  •  Pros and Cons of the business.
  •  Legal process to start the business.
  •  Manufacturing process.
  •  Potential customer details.
  •  Raw material suppliers.
  •  Required machinery and others,

Profit / money they can make

India has a huge population and hair bands have become a fashion accessory in both rural and urban areas. Thus, as a hair band making business owner, you can get a huge scope to run the business in a profitable way and also earn good profit from the same.U can earn approximately 50k in a month

But to capture the market you need to produce a quality product with a reasonable price. Try introducing new and trendy designs. Regular check on the fashion trend will help you to find out the taste of the customers.

Where to buy Hair Band Making Machine:

Bharat Machine Tools Industries, 61, Ganesh Chandra Avenue,


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