Fruit Pulper Machine Bussiness

Fruit Pulper Machine Bussiness

Demand and Market:

The demand of fruit sauce is found all throughout the year. With the Fruit Pulper Machine you can make tomato sauce, chilly sauce, jam-jelly etc. But remember that you need Trade License and F.P.O. License to operate such business.

Details about the business :

At first you have to buy fruits or tomato from market. Now wash them and cut them. Then put them on the hopper of the Pulper Machine and start the machine. Then pulp will come out from the machine and remaining thing (refuse of the fruits) will come out from the back side channel of the machine. Now put the pulp on frying pan and boil it. Then mix spice, sugar and other necessary things with it. Now you jam-jelly or sauce is ready.

It needs 1 hp motor and 220 volts to operate the machine.

Capital Required for starting Bussiness :

The price of the Pulper Machine which can make 5 to 10 kg pulp (at a time) is approximately Rs.30, 000 and the price of the machine (including motor) which can make 15 to 20 kg pulp (at a time) is approximately Rs. 70,000.

The price of the electric weight machine is approximately Rs.4000 and the price of the Bottle Filling Machine is approximately Rs. 25000.

Profit / money they can make

The price of the bottle starting from 50 to 300 depending upon quality and margin is 10-25%  depending upon the quality of the product .U can make 50,000 to 1 lakh per month by this business.

How To Start The Fruit Pulp Processing Business:

Planning to start a business is very easy, but it is very important to execute  plans properly.

Here we will discuss the different required steps to start the fruit pulp processing business.

Different pros and cons of the business.

Market of the business.

Suppliers of the raw materials

Required machinery

Required capital and space to start the business etc.

Where to buy the Fruit Pulper Machine / Pulper Machine :

Bharat Machine Tools Industries,

61, Ganesh Chandra Avenue,


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