National Science & Technology Management Information System (NSTMIS)

Headed By: 

Department of Science and Technology (DST)

Industry Applicable: 

Chemicals, technology hardware, healthcare & life sciences, aeronautics/aerospace & defence, agriculture, AI, AR/VR (augmented + virtual reality), automotive, telecommunication & networking, computer vision, construction, design, non-renewable energy, renewable energy, green technology, fintech, Internet of Things, nanotechnology, social impact, food & beverages, pets & animals, textiles & apparel.


Scientists & Technologists; Statisticians and economists; Sociologists; as well as Development/ Planning/ Policy Experts, Management Specialists etc. from academic/research institutions, registered societies, voluntary agencies (NGOs), professional bodies & consulting organisations etc. can apply under this scheme.


DST under this scheme sponsors research projects/studies to interested investigators/organisations where studies could be taken up in the areas of S&T investment, S&T infrastructure, S&T output, S&T databases, S&T manpower, R&D productivity/efficiency etc.

Fiscal Incentives: 

Grant-in-aid is provided for projects. Also, overheads on projects are provided at the rate of 10% of the total project cost for educational institutions and NGOs and 8% for laboratories & institutions under Central Government departments/agencies.

Time Period: 


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