Technology Development Programme (TDP)

Headed By: 

Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB)

Industry Applicable: 

Chemicals, technology hardware, healthcare & life sciences, aeronautics/aerospace & defence, agriculture, AI, AR/VR (augmented + virtual reality), automotive, telecommunication & networking, computer vision, construction, design, non-renewable energy, renewable energy, green technology, fintech, Internet of Things, nanotechnology, social impact, food & beverages, pets & animals, textiles & apparel.


Scientists, engineers, or technologists working in academic institutions, registered societies, R&D institutions, laboratories having adequate infrastructure & facilities to carry out technology development work as well as prototype building.


The mandate of Technology Development Programmes (TDP) is to convert proof-of-concepts for the development of pre-competitive/commercial technologies/ techniques/ processes. Some of the typical areas in which proposals can be submitted are glass, ceramics, molecular/ biomolecular electronics, polymer and biosensors, waste (plastic, hospital & electronic) utilisation and management, laser/ plasmas/ microwave technology, alternate fuels, fuel conservation, efficient utilisation of fuels, civil infrastructure technologies etc.

Fiscal Incentives: 

Institutions under this scheme get support for project staff salaries, equipment, supplies and consumables, contingency expenditure, patent filing charges, outsourcing charges, internal travel, fabrication costs, testing charges, overheads, etc.

For Industry, the only cost of consumables up to 50% has been approved while for Institution/Industry Joint Programmes, support to the Industry up to 50% of the cost of consumables is provided.

Time Period: 


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